Be a Classroom Parent!

Parents often ask, “How can I help out?”

If you are interested in helping your class stay organized, informed, and current, consider volunteering to be a Classroom Parent Representative in your child’s homeroom, or Grade Level Representative for a grade. It’s a rewarding job, a great way to help out our teachers, and it can be done from the comfort of your home. Classrooms that don’t have Classroom Parent Representatives always seem to be out of the loop and miss out on lots of fun and engaging activities. Don’t let your child’s class miss out!

You can find out more details here: What Can I Do as Classroom or Grade Representative

Please contact the PTO if you are interested in taking on this important and enjoyable role.

Claassroom Reps 2015-2016



Emily Mattson


Norine Beatty


Kasey Beaudoin


Carol Blackwood


Meredith Bolton


Judy Tan


Kim Martignetti


Annetta Landay


Colleen Mandile


Laura Massa


Trish McIsaac


Patricia Torchio


Marilyn O’Connor


Alison O’Connor


Alyssa McCarthy


Leah O’Leary


Katja Pearse


Susan Cole


Kara Lutz


Christine Kennedy

Susan Monfette


Eileen Doherty


Roger Dubuque


Maggie Mattson


Cindy Stone


Susan Bellis


Sarah Domermuth


Marcia Psychoghios


Jenny Landrebe


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