Circus Visit Report!

The PTO brought the Boston Circus Guild to Hosmer on Friday October 25th. Reports from the kids were enthusiastic. Here are some more details from the event.
Each show had 3 acts. Within each act, the ringmaster had an interactive demonstration and brought a few students on stage to perform. It was wonderful!
Audience Reactions
“I couldn’t stop my kids from trying to balance objects on their hands…:) The students were so engaged in the performance, they wanted to imitate the performers. It was an amazing and inspiring show!”
-kindergarten teacher
“I really loved the hula hoops. Mommy has an old one in the back of her car. I’m going to ask her if I could use it when I get home!…:)”
-kindergarten student
“I really liked the balancing act. The guy looked so strong!”
-5th grade student
“I loved all of it. I can’t even pick the part I liked best. In one word…AWESOME!!!!!”
-3rd grade student
“Cool! That was soooo cool!”
-3rd grade student
“I wanna be in a circus when I grow up!”
-3rd grade student


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