Box Tops for Education Contest

“Trash into Treasure”

What: The classroom who collects most Box Tops during the contest will get a fabulous class prize (ex. free homework pass, extra recess, popsicle party) & bragging rights!

When: Today until November 22

Why: Each Box Top label equals $0.10 to Hosmer kids!

Our goal is to raise $1000 this school year. Also, kids will feel the power making a difference at their school through “rescuing” Box Tops that are being thrown away & by recruiting friends and family to save Box Tops for them to bring in.


  1. Clip off the Box Top symbol from packages ALREADY in your home or at work (see  example below).
  2. Bring them into your classroom or label your bag with teacher name & drop in collection box by the front entrance check in desk. MAKE SURE YOUR CLASS NAME IS ON THE BAGGIE so your class gets credit. Bundling in groups of 10 or 50 is ideal but we’ll take anything!
  3. Each Friday Box Tops will be tallied & classroom totals will be posted on a “leader board” by the front desk & on the PTO website.

Please feel free to email, text or call me with any ideas or questions!
Good luck & clip on!
Julia Elvin, PTO Box Tops Coordinator



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